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Dental Surgery in Brossard

If your teeth are causing you pain or if your wisdom teeth need to be removed, Centre Dentaire Familial Bui in Brossard offers dental surgery services. We can perform procedures such as extractions and removals to relieve you of your dental problems. 


Not only do we have the necessary dental equipment and materials to ensure that each procedure goes smoothly, but you will be reassured to know that each one is done meticulously according to your needs.

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Une fille sourit avec une dent en main

Teeth Extraction

This procedure is usually used as a last resort in dentistry, ideally to keep the natural tooth in the mouth. There are many reasons why single or multiple extractions may be performed, including invasive tooth decay, impaction of wisdom teeth, or the need to create space for braces.

Hyperplastic Tissue Removal

This surgical procedure is the surgical reduction of a fibrous tuberosity indicated when excess tissue interferes with the fitting of an existing or new partial or complete prosthesis.

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Need Oral Surgery?

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