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Gum Treatments in Brossard

If you notice inflammation, bleeding gums, or discomfort, you should see a dentist to check and treat your gums. At Centre Dentaire Familial Bui, we can provide comprehensive and advanced periodontal treatment in Brossard to manage complex and progressive cases of gum disease.


Consider consulting our dentists in Brossard to avoid gum disease and for better oral health. Gum treatment can only be a sound investment to manage the illness effectively when needed.

Make an appointment now to treat your gums!

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Free Autogenous Graft

A free autogenous graft is an excellent surgical procedure to treat gingival extension. It is a procedure that can be performed quickly with less significant postoperative trauma to the patient.

Closed Curettage

This is a deep cleaning treatment below the gums using curettes and/or ultrasonic devices for mild periodontal disease.

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Open Curettage

Open curettage is a procedure that allows us to access the roots of the teeth and the bone under the gums when a simple curettage is not enough. It is a minimally invasive procedure that allows us to perform thorough scaling and root planing in areas where significant periodontal pockets are likely to form.

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Your Gums Hurt?

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